Our Teen Department is a place where
Teens can come and learn about God in a way
that prepares them for their future,
but at the same time allows them to be
involved in serving God now.



10:00 a.m. Light Force Bible Study Classes


11:00 a.m. Youth Church


7:00 p.m. Worship with our Adults in the main Auditorium


THE ZONE 7:30p.m. in the Gym


Join us on Sunday Mornings for LIGHT FORCE
At 10a.m. every Sunday we have 3 separate Bible study classes – a 6th-8th Grade Middle School Girls class, a 6th-8th Grade Middle School Boys Class & our 9th-12th Grade Combined High School Class.

Then, at 11a.m. our Teens come together in our Main Teen Room for their own Worship Service. This an opportunity in a Teen environment to sing Praise Songs and receive a Bible Message relevant to them and their age group.

Sunday Nights at 7pm our Teens join the Adults for our Evening Worship.


Wednesday in the ZONE at 7:30p.m. is exciting. This is a 6th-12th grade weekly hour long Bible Study located in our Family Center. Doors open @ 7p.m. We always have some fun games and music, along with our Bible study message for the night.

We have activities each month where teens come and have a lot of fun, but gives the opportunity to make some good friends. Anytime we have what is called SMAC down…that stands for our Sunday Morning After Church activity. SNAC is of our Sunday Night After Church activity. Get involved and participate is the key.

Go with us to Summer Youth Camp
Every Summer we take a week and go to VICTORY CAMP located at the Baptist encampment in Lueders, Tx. We have a blast…God has really touched the lives of our Teens and Youth workers…we would love to have you join us. We will be having some fund raisers to raise money for camp. All you need to do is to get involved in the fund raisers and help us raise our money goal. We take around 55, and you need to be one of them this year.

High School Six Flags Trip in July
Middle School Bash in August