We love to praise The Lord in music and song.
If you have a love of music or a talent,
we would love for you to join us!


We come to Worship the Lord in song at every service. Here at North Side we do a blend of music from Psalms, Hymns, & Praise Songs. We want our hearts to be open to the Lord as the songs we sing honor HIM.

We have a 30 voice Adult choir that sings in the Morning Worship Service each Sunday. We have a praise team for both Morning and Evening Worship. Most of our music is for the entire congregation of people to sing to the Lord.

Also in our service we have instrumentalists that use their talents for the Lord in playing music during each Worship time.

Use your talents here. In order to be a part of our Choir or instrumentalist you will need to be a member of our Church. There are no tryouts for our Choir, but we do intend for all in Choir to be faithful to our practice times…Sunday morning at 9:30a.m. and Sunday evening is our main practice at 5:30p.m. These times prepare us for our upcoming Choir special and learning new music. *During the evening practice we do provide child care in the Gym(adult staffed).

Those who wish to sing specials or sing a group, we have one requirement which is to be a part of our Choir and practices. You will need to see our Music leader-Kevin Greenway in order to be on our special singers list. We schedule our singers a month in advance.

If your talent is playing an instrument, please see Kevin, so we can have you start playing and using your talents for the Lord. We would love to have you become a part of our Worship music.