How do I Become a Member?

We ask that you come for several weeks and check out our Church at all the service times. Make sure our Church is what you are looking for.
We expect people who join our Church to get involved immediately. So before you join, get involved in one of our Adult ministries. When you feel you are ready to join, let the Teacher of that ministry know and we will be able to answer any questions about our Church that you may have.
One way to become a member is to join by Baptism. When a person receives Christ into their heart as Lord and Savior of their life, the first step after Salvation is to follow the Lord in Baptism.  When a person is Baptized here, it not only makes it a public example that you have been Saved, but it also makes you a member of our Church.
Another way to become a member here is to join by letter. This happens when a person has already been Saved and they also were Baptized in another Baptist Church. We will receive your membership by letter. Don’t let this confuse you, you do not need a letter from your previous Church in order to join, instead you will simply come forward at the invitation time of our service and we will announce your desire of membership to our Church, and our Church office will do all the work to get in touch with your previous Church.
Sometimes a person will want to join from another Baptist Church and the Church may not exist anymore…it is very simple to join by what is called joining by statement.
At the close of every service we give an invitation for people to come forward to pray at the altar. If you desire to join our Church, this will be the time to come and meet the Pastor down at the front. He will ask why you have come forward, and you will say to join the Church. One of our altar workers will simply fill out a card with your name and information as to how your are joining. You will not be asked to say anything in front of the congregation, the Pastor will announce your desire for membership and you will be welcomed by our Church family.
Come and join with us, we have a place for you here at North Side.

How Do I Go About Joining the Church?

When you believe the Lord is leading you to join here at North Side Baptist, then at the next service you attend, you will hear an invitation at the close of our service. When the invitation begins with the altar call, make your way to the front.
Our Pastor will meet you there, ask you a few brief questions about your desire for membership here. Then, one of our workers will meet with you at the front pew and simply fill out a membership card.
Once the invitation is over, the Pastor will announce your desire of membership and you will be welcomed into our Church.