RISE Group

Rise Group is the name for our Young Adult ministry…18-28 yrs. of age. This ministry is for singles & young marrieds.

Each Sunday morning we will study topics that will be very relevant to where you are at this time of life. A lot of your decisions you make now, can greatly affect you years later. It’s so important to make sure, with those decisions you keep a close relationship with the Lord. We want to help you do just that.

Every Sunday morning from 9:45a.m.-10a.m. we have coffee, cokes, donuts…a time to fellowship and get to know one another. At 10a.m. we begin our class session. Our classroom is located in the north hall, first door. Brandon & Ashley Garza would love to have you come this Sunday.

The Journey Ministry

Our class meets every Sunday morning. We start off with our meet and greet Donut-Coffee fellowship at 9:45a.m. We begin our class time at 10a.m.

The Journey class area is located in our North wing addition. Our ministry is geared to help Married and Single adults. Each week our topics will help guide you on your Journey walk with Jesus Christ.

The topics are very relevant in what you are facing today. The format of this class is a teaching & discussion style so everyone can participate.

We provide several activities each month that allow everyone to have fun and get to know each other in these fellowship times.

Pastor’s Bible Class

Every Sunday Dr. Don Greenway will bring a Bible study lesson that will guide you spiritually in your life.

This class has both married and singles 60 and older age group.

Our Pastor’s class room is located in the main fellowship hall on the South wing addition.

9:45a.m.-10a.m. we provide Coffee and Donuts before class. You will be invited to some fun activities and get togethers throughout the year.
We want God to work in our lives, and the Pastor’s Bible Class is a place you can learn and grow in the Lord.


Every Sunday night after Church we provide a dinner for all of the college age group who attend our evening service. We call them our Focus group.

This is a great time to make friends, play some games, and just have a good time of Food & Fellowship.

This group will also have monthly get-togethers @ Kevin & JoAnn Greenway’s house or other locations TBA. So if you are a college age student of 18-25, come Sunday night @ 7p.m. and stay afterwards for our Focus Feed…located in our north hall. (skip the Ramon Noodles and join us this Sunday)